Explore The Galilee

Explore the Galilee

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Guest Blog

“What’s In Israel’s Backpack?”

by Nicole Rae Baerg
May 20, 2012

Karin Kloosterman of GreenProphet.com

“Tour Nazareth in the Arms of an Angel”

by Karin Kloosterman, GreenProphet.com
April 1, 2012

“”פאוזי עאזר אין”, גסט האוז בנצרת – לא לתרמילאים בלבד” (Hebrew only)

by Sharon Joseph, Hitrashmut
March 2012

The Treasury of Petra in Jordan

“From Nazareth to Jordan and Petra”

by Lisa (Fauzi Azar volunteer)
February 2012

“Fauzi Azar Inn Volunteers Journey to the Heart of the West Bank”

by Joe (Fauzi Azar volunteer)
January 23, 2012

“Thanks to Fauzi Azar for Nazareth”

by Kebab Quest
January 15, 2012

“A Tale of Two Cities – Nazareth Today, Hebron Yesterday”
by Tony Wheeler’s Travels – January 15, 2012

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