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Please DO NOT use your mobile apps or GPS devices to navigate directly to Fauzi Azar Inn, due to the transportation constraints of the Old City in Nazareth.  Instead, navigate to Tishreen restaurant on Al-Bishara Street (Annunciation Street) by the market.  From there you can either find parking for Fauzi Azar, or walk directly into the Old City and the Inn.

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By Car

Driving to Nazareth and getting to the Fauzi Azar Inn is now easier than ever. Simply insert your point of origin below and click the “Go” button to see turn-by-turn directions from your location to Tishreen restaurant in the Old City of Nazareth. From there you can find parking for the Fauzi Azar Inn:

Once you’ve reached Tishreen, there are two options for Fauzi Azar Inn parking:

After parking, simply follow the street signs pointing to the Fauzi Azar Inn.


The Fauzi Azar can also be located via Global Positioning System. Our coordinates are: 32.704644,35.297517

Bus Schedule

We are easily accessible from anywhere in Israel. You can use Egged Bus Lines’ Online Trip Planner for exact bus schedules.

Need additional help or details? Check out the official Egged Bus Company website or Bus.co.il, the Israel Public Transportation resource for non-Egged bus lines and railways.

The videos below will show you how to get to the Fauzi Azar Inn from the city centers at the either the Basilica of the Annunciation or Mary’s Well:


The map to the left provides details on how to reach the Fauzi Azar Inn by foot from the major Nazareth Old City bus stations. Click it to view a full-size, printer-friendly version.